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Reinventing How We Read

Reinventing How We Read

August 2, 2022

Imagine if you could read 20-35% faster, while maintaining or improving overall comprehension. Readability Consortium members Readability Matters, University of Central Florida, Adobe and Google are working to make this a reality for everyone. Tacy is joined by lead researchers, Ben Sawyer, Ph.D., from the University of Central Florida, and Zoya Bylinskii, Ph.D., from Adobe’s Creative Intelligence Lab, to discuss how matching people with their most compatible reading format can greatly improve reading speed and comprehension. 


Individualized reading formats stand to revolutionize reading for everyone, across every age and profession – from helping students read more efficiently and effectively to cutting down the  time it takes for physicians to read patient files before treating them to helping drivers spend less time reading their GPS and more time looking at the road.


Also special thanks to Rick Treitman, Kathy Crowley and Marjorie Jordan of Readability Matters, Shaun Wallace, Tianyuan Cai, Aleena Niklaus, Mike Kraley, Stephanie Day, Shelley Rodrigo, Dr. David Miller, Amy Giroux, Bernard Kerr and the many, many other members of our readability effort.


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Connect with Tacy on Twitter @tacytrow, Ben Sawyer, Ph.D. @bendsawyer and Zoya Bylinskii, Ph.D. @zoyathinks. To learn more about their work, visit or


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Adobe’s Love Letter to Teachers

Adobe’s Love Letter to Teachers

May 17, 2022

As educators do the important work of preparing the next generation for their futures, they inspire and change lives.  Their skill, commitment, and compassion are vital not only to their students but also to our communities – especially during these recent challenging times. This work isn’t easy and comes with both significant rewards and challenges.  

The Adobe team is celebrating teachers all month by honoring talented, hardworking educators around the world who bring creativity and innovation into their classrooms to help students acquire the essential skills to reach their fullest potential. On this special episode of The Creative Educator, Tacy is joined by various Adobe employees and partners to express gratitude for educators that have helped them on their own journey, as well as to recognize specific individuals for the difference they’re making. 

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  • Find creative learning content, free access to lesson plans and more by visiting Adobe Education Exchange.   
  • Calling all creative teachers! Download your personalized CCX template today – we’re recognizing you as an Adobe Super Teacher. 
Can Creative Expression Improve Emotional Wellness?

Can Creative Expression Improve Emotional Wellness?

April 26, 2022

Educators and students have experienced unprecedented challenges and trauma resulting from two years of pandemic-driven stress and disruption. Now more than ever, it’s important to engage in meaningful dialogue about these issues and seek out innovative ways to promote emotional wellbeing in schools.  

Lindsey Vance, Visual Arts Manager for District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), and Tacy explore the relationship between creative expression and its profound ability to improve student and educator wellbeing. As licensed counselor and board-certified art therapist, Lindsey shines a light on the programs DCPS offers that help educators cultivate more compassionate classroom environments for students in addition to addressing trauma behaviors and symptoms. In addition, Lindsey shares how DCPC Arts curriculum has empowered students through creativity and digital tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, to help them develop their voice, as well as critical problem solving and communication skills.  

Connect with Tacy on Twitter @tacytrow and Lindsey on LinkedIn @lindseyvance. We’d love to hear from you. 


Creating Waves by Teaching Ocean Science

Creating Waves by Teaching Ocean Science

March 24, 2022

Richard Vevers, CEO and president of The Ocean Agency, and Dr. Kelley Lê, Director of UCI Science Project, discuss the ways creative storytelling about ocean science can inspire a new generation of conservationists.

Using digital tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, the Ocean Agency helps K-12 educators around the world teach students about the ocean, its essential role in protecting human life, and our obligation to be good stewards. Richard and Kelley also talk about the “Create Waves” challenge and new toolkit from Adobe and The Ocean Agency, which invites students and artists to create art that not only raises awareness for ocean conservation but also inspires real action.

Connect with Tacy on Twitter @tacytrow, Richard Vevers @RichardVevers and Dr. Kelley Le @DrKelleyLe. We’d love to hear from you.



Building Community Through Creative Storytelling

Building Community Through Creative Storytelling

February 21, 2022

Story is often used to understand the complexities of human nature and our similarities. Tacy reconnects with Claudio Zavala Jr., Digital Designer at Burleson Independent School District and Adobe Creative Cloud Express Ambassador, to explore how creative storytelling can help build community. 

The pandemic has left students feeling isolated from their peers as many continue to navigate remote and hybrid learning environments. As an education influencer and former educator, Claudio shares how using digital tools such as Creative Cloud Express can help students tell their stories in ways that nurture empathy among their classmates, while creating culture and building community within their schools. He also demonstrates how we can spark creativity among students and hone their storytelling skills using creative “About Me” assignments.  

Connect with Tacy on Twitter @tacytrow and Claudio Zavala Jr. @ClaudioZavalaJr. Please share ideas for future episodes and guests at We’d love to hear from you.  


  • Watch Claudio’s step-by-step tutorials on how to use Adobe Creative Cloud Express on his YouTube channel.  
  • Explore new ways to integrate Creative Cloud Express into your classroom.  


Improving Student Outcomes

Improving Student Outcomes

November 17, 2021

Welcome back! In the season two premiere of The Creative Educator, Tacy talks with Melissa Vito, vice provost of academic innovation at The University of Texas at San Antonio, and Ryan McPherson, an associate professor of practice, about newly launched research on improving student outcomes across disciplines and modalities. 

Did you know students in classes with creative tools embedded in coursework are 8% more likely to stay enrolled term to term, or that new grads who list creative skills on LinkedIn earn up to 16% higher starting salaries? 

New data uncovered by Civitas Learning and LinkedIn quantifies the value of creative and digital skills in students’ college and career advancement while offering a roadmap to build more successful higher ed institutions. 

Join Tacy, Melissa and Ryan and discover best practices for engaging faculty through meaningful, skills-based professional development, teaching creative skills across the curriculum to improve outcomes, and fostering student equity.

Connect with Tacy on Twitter @tacytrow, Melissa Vito @mvpmv and Ryan McPherson @RyanMcpherson.


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Renewing Creativity in the Classroom

Renewing Creativity in the Classroom

August 12, 2021

In the final installment of our three-part series reflecting on the past year, Tacy is joined by Adobe Education Curriculum Lead, Brian Johnsrud, to discuss ways to implement lessons learned. They discuss how to build community, apply creative instructional strategies that inspire student agency and instill a love of learning itself. 

To wrap up season one, Tacy also invites back design consultant and educator, Rebecca Hare, who shares an easy, creative project that taps into what inspires teachers and setting intentions. She encourages them to identify what matters most and hit reset. With an eye to the future, Tacy’s guests offer an optimistic outlook and tools for reflection to help educators start the new year feeling more grounded and refreshed.

Connect with Tacy on Twitter @tacytrow, Brian Johnsrud @brianedtech and Rebecca Hare @RebeccaLouHare. Also please share your ideas for future episodes and guests.

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  • To explore Brian’s quick ideas for inspiration, check out free, ready for the classroom resources that combine Khan Academy content with creative activities. Teach Creativity with Adobe & Khan Academy | Adobe Education Exchange.
  • Try a short creative project by remixing your own “Inspiration” poster here.
  • Find Rebecca’s book, The Space: A Guide for Educators at her website, and her conversation with Tacy on episode three of The Creative Educator podcast.
Educators on Hope and a Transformative Year

Educators on Hope and a Transformative Year

June 30, 2021

In the second of our three-part season finale, Tacy speaks with educators about what they learned from a year of immense change and the lessons they’re carrying forward. 

  • Michael Hernandez, a media arts teacher, shares how distance learning put a spotlight on longstanding issues and offered solutions for more inclusive pedagogy. 
  • High school librarian, Indira Chakrabarti, describes navigating uncertainty and developing resilience. 
  • Michelle Dennis, head of digital across a six campus school in Australia, explores encouraging student-led learning and the importance of giving choice.
  • Abby Guido, assistant professor of graphic and interactive design, shares how she connected with students while teaching from afar.
  • Associate director of learning experience, Holly Johnson, talks about reimagining curriculum to build creative confidence and foster community.    

Together, they discuss broad themes we heard about this year - struggling to teach during a pandemic, finding new ways to build connection, confronting inequity, developing creative and digital skills, and deepening and adapting teaching practices.

And importantly, they share their hopes for the future.  

Connect with Tacy on Twitter @tacytrow, Michael Hernandez @cinehead and Michelle Dennis @michelledennis. You can find Abby Guido and Indira Chakrabarti on LinkedIn and learn more about Holly Johnson’s work here

Higher Education Beyond the Pandemic

Higher Education Beyond the Pandemic

May 27, 2021

As the school year comes to a close, the education community has an opportunity to reflect on how the monumental shifts and the day-to-day reality of teaching and learning during the pandemic has reshaped the industry.  

To help process these existential and broad-sweeping changes, Tacy is joined by Ian Wilhelm, assistant managing editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education and host of the Chronicle’s webinar series. With more than 20 years of experience covering higher education, nonprofits and philanthropy, Ian helps synthesize the most critical trends and information for colleges as they navigate crisis and redefine what success looks like for students, faculty and institutions.  

Their conversation raises questions like, how will we support those disproportionally disrupted by the past year in the process of rebuilding? And, what lessons will we take forward and what short-term solutions should we leave behind? One truth becomes clear: Continued transformation is guaranteed and will require the creativity and collaboration of all. 

Connect with Tacy Trowbridge @tacytrow on Twitter and Ian via LinkedIn here.

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